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Direct access service providers… FAQ’s on what you need to know.

Learning about choices in alternative energy service providers, also known as, a direct access service provider, doesn’t have to be painful or mysterious.   However, knowing to ask the right questions will make all the difference in what type of product and service you will receive. If you’re considering making a change from your local utility […]

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Solar lease? How to critically THINK your way to a reasoned answer.

Wheeew! I just finished reading a heated debate on a blog surrounding the pro’s and cons, comparison shopping and pitfalls of solar lease products.  I’d say there was more anger and speculation, than definitive answers.  And while speculation is great, as it leads to a distillation of reasoning, it nevertheless lacked critical thinking on how […]

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Micro turbines are NOT wind turbines… Get jets!

Q:  What is a Micro Turbine, and why would it be used in place of solar as a non renewable energy source? A:  Solar is a great renewable form of alternative energy, but there are many circumstances that simply won’t allow a solar solution or a 100% offset of a given energy demand. Limited ground […]

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8 Reasons why your solar sales team may find VALUE in a solar broker.

Solar brokers work on the premise of utilizing select solar companies to shop [from] on behalf of their buyers.  This service is exceptional because brokers educate potential buyers to solar energy products; advocating, not selling.  We’re “performance based”, which means you only pay a broker compensation fee when you successfully close a sale with a […]

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Overcoming the most CHALLENGING personality type in solar sales… The Bid Grinder.

One of the more challenging aspects of selling a solar product or service to a potential customer is dealing with one personality style that resists the flow of the sales process no matter how low you drop your price.  At some point we have to ask ourselves if we properly pre-qualified our client.  All seemed […]

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Choosing types of renewable and sustainble energies… which one is RIGHT for you?

Energy consultants and solar brokers help your business assess a variety of renewable and sustainable energy technologies: Solar PV Electric, Solar Thermal Hot Water Solar Co-Generation Pure Electric Fuel Cells Combined Heat and Power Fuel Cells Micro Turbine and Reciprocating  Mini Jet Engines Which one is right for you?Having your site properly assessed is a […]

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Solar broker shopping experience… a tale of TWO buyers.

It’s not uncommon for my average customer to be that of a small to mid-sized business owner who cannot afford to hire an energy consultant to represent his interests.  But the REAL peril is that he can’t afford NOT to have competent representation.   The average price my clients may spend on a solar equipment […]

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Sonoma County commercial solar federal CASH grants may expire in 2012.

One of the big attractants that make purchasing commercial solar PV a financially feasible investment is the current 30 percent federal cash grant, aka, the Solar Treasury Grant 1603, and the 100% accelerated bonus depreciation in the first year.  Though, with the government budget barely eking by to raise the 2012 debt ceiling, this solar […]

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Overcoming customer resistance to the MIDDLEMAN in solar energy brokering…

When I started my solar broker business back in 2007 I knew I had an uphill battle in educating my clients about the merits of solar energy brokering.   Because consumers have been inculcated into a society that loathes the middleman archetype, we naturally snub our noses to the NEW solar middleman… anyone whom we perceive […]

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When you have NO BUSINESS making a solar energy investment…

Making a solar energy purchase could be one of the largest financial investments you make second to buying a home, or even a greater monetary outlay than your home.   It’s here that you are trading one asset for another; cash in exchange for on-site energy creation that you will eventually own outright.  But with this […]

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