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Overcoming the most CHALLENGING personality type in solar sales… The Bid Grinder.

One of the more challenging aspects of selling a solar product or service to a potential customer is dealing with one personality style that resists the flow of the sales process no matter how low you drop your price.  At some point we have to ask ourselves if we properly pre-qualified our client.  All seemed […]

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Choosing types of renewable and sustainble energies… which one is RIGHT for you?

Energy consultants and solar brokers help your business assess a variety of renewable and sustainable energy technologies: Solar PV Electric, Solar Thermal Hot Water Solar Co-Generation Pure Electric Fuel Cells Combined Heat and Power Fuel Cells Micro Turbine and Reciprocating  Mini Jet Engines Which one is right for you?Having your site properly assessed is a […]

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Solar broker shopping experience… a tale of TWO buyers.

It’s not uncommon for my average customer to be that of a small to mid-sized business owner who cannot afford to hire an energy consultant to represent his interests.  But the REAL peril is that he can’t afford NOT to have competent representation.   The average price my clients may spend on a solar equipment […]

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