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Why solar broker LEAD GENERATION works to benefit solar companies and buyers…

Solar brokers lend valuable outsourced marketing expertise to the solar industry.  This service is noteworthy because brokers are OUT THERE educating potential buyers to solar energy products and services as advocates and NOT sales personnel.   In any economy, solar brokers are the backbone of solar lead generation and stimulating the economy; locating new business; introducing […]

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How to PREVENT solar panel roof pentration leaks… bolt to rafters ahead of the cure.

Prevent solar panel roof penetration leaks; this would be one of my BIGGEST hesitations going into a solar installation on my building.  Let’s DEMYSTIFY the unknown. Installation practices vary by roof. Spanish, slate style or shake roof: Things can get tricky and expensive.  Spanish and slate roof tiles can and will crack when walked upon, […]

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Overcoming three most common OBJECTIONS to solar energy investments…

In any type of sales situation, whether we are shopping on our own or seeking the advice of a sales professional; the BIGGEST hurdle we must overcome is our fear to what we don’t yet understand. Recognizing our hesitation is easy, but overcoming it arrives in the form of an awakening; the moment we realize […]

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How to shop for solar using a solar broker… your PERSONAL solar agent!

These days the solar industry is enjoying a steady climb into the alternative energy marketplace, and with this, an unprecedented rise in sales.   With so many buyers entering the market, sooner or later along comes a new way to inventively shop for these major investments.   Just as there are brokers for real estate investments, so […]

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The importance of RE-SHOPPING an old solar quote; prices have dropped for better ROI.

I often hear potential buyers tell me that solar just doesn’t feed their return on investment needs, and that they’d rather wait for the price of solar panels to come down, or for better technology to come to the fore.  But when I ask them “when” is the last time they shopped for three solar […]

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How community power purchase agreements work: A customer’s FRESH perspective.

Learn the promising potential for your community to pull together and create your own energy under a Power Purchase Agreement. A summation of YouTube video clips tells the story, but more than that, it’s the spirit of cooperation and the journey of due diligence told from the “customers” point of view that’s the real inspiration behind the story. See for yourself.

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How solar panel weight may TRIGGER structural code compliance for commercial rooftops.

Learn about the short supply of commercial-industrial “solar ready” rooftops and what’s being done about it. We discuss the building code dilemma and the financial repercussions of structural code upgrades that may trigger even heavier code compliance. However, there is hope riding on the wings of solar technology that may lighten the load, both literally and financially.

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China’s low-cost solar panels vs. silicon tetrachloride environmental WASTE dumping.

Learn about the ongoing environmental dilemma facing China’s solar panel manufacturing industry. We briefly discuss how China’s carbon emissions, silicon tetrachloride waste, and their yet unmet promise of recycling this solar production by-product is impacting the environment. What are the options?

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How to PROMOTE and sell energy efficiency with altruistic marketing strategies.

Learn how to overcome your resistance to adopting energy efficiency for your home or business. We discuss how efficiency measures positively reflect upon your business’ public image; how to make it more profitable for your bottom line, not just environmentally, but by means of marketing affirmative results and tangible savings that help foster a sense of notoriety and altruism within your community.

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