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Poly-silicon OVERSUPPLY: Forcasts for a temporarily weakend solar industry.

Silicon oversupply continues to leave the solar industry in a quicksand glut, driving down the prices of cells and modules, thereby limiting margins and revenue across the globe. This, along with a combination of increasing module inventory and decreasing demand is threatening the financial stability and viability of some companies within the industry. The problem […]

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California State Assembly Bill SB843 and the HOPE for community solar programs.

Privately owned residential rooftop PV installations are alive and well in the United States. According to research conducted by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council, the capacity of traditional residential PV installations grew by 24% in 2011. Nevertheless, the residential solar model has some inherent physical drawbacks, thereby limiting the number of people who elect to […]

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Solar Brokering & Cause Marketing: Raising MONEY for charities

Hi folks.  Today I’m writing a bit off topic of solar brokering, and instead, focusing for a moment on how I can donate a portion of my earnings from solar brokered sales to charitable non profits within my community.  While I usually write about solar and the benefits of brokering for reducing buyer costs, today […]

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How solar prices and subsidies influence CONSUMERS buying behavior.

Solar panel prices are influenced by industry consolidations just as much as they are by the production chain. It seems that in the past year, PV manufacturers are failing left and right, including scandals which affect solar panel prices, like the recent Solyndra loan debacle and the newly imposed tariffs on Chinese solar panel manufacturers. […]

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Solar panel module RECYCLING forecasts profit potential.

Twenty-five is a significant anniversary in the life cycle of a solar panel. Why? Because it’s the average lifespan of when a solar panel becomes insufficient at producing electricity, as well as, when the solar companies no longer warranty the output of their panels.  And that can mean only one thing; time for that hunk […]

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The pros and cons of a solar LEASE. Benefits and drawbacks here.

These days solar companies are falling over themselves to make solar accessible to every homeowner.  But do the finance schemes being offered benefit you, or do they favor the Wall Street greed?Homeowners in the United States are curious about the differences between leasing a home solar system and buying one out right. There are advantages […]

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Chinese solar panel SUBSIDIES & Trade Commerce tarrif wars?

Over the past four years, production of solar cells has largely migrated to China, stirring controversy over Chinese government solar subsidies and the imposition of stiff tariffs on imported solar modules entering into the United States.  Those among the discussion are U.S. trade officials, including the U.S. solar industry, which currently employs around 100,000 people […]

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Different TYPES of solar electric energy systems defined.

Here’s a quick look at the various types of solar electric energy systems from the desk of Sun Source Solar Brokers. Grid-connected solar energy systems allow consumers to use solar energy during the day. When the sun isn’t shining, the system allows them to draw power straight from the grid. Peak loads can also be […]

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Solar Brokers 4 Charity HELPING Sonoma County Charities.

Solar Brokers 4 Charity is working toward launching its NEW logo, video, and web page to help the Sonoma County public learn about the ways we are using solar brokered sales to give back to our charitable community and those in need.   Stay tuned.For every purchase a commercial of residential owner makes on solar equipment […]

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Knock-off versions of FAKE solar panels are counterfeits of the real thing.

One more reason to use a verified supplier and distributor when you shop for solar panels on your own is the fact that “knock-off” versions of solar panels are being sold by counterfeit solar panel producers. One in particular is called “Suntech Power Holding”.  If the name sounds familiar throughout your shopping research, it should.  […]

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