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Not all solar brokers are created EQUAL

Happy New Year to all of our past, present and future solar broker friends. Sun Source Solar Brokers celebrates its seventh year providing solar brokering and energy consulting services in Marin Sonoma, Solano, Napa and San Francisco counties. A Quick Update on the Definition of Solar Broker. Solar brokers are now falling under varied definition […]

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Renewable small scale UTILITY market rescue PART ONE

Hello everyone, Sun Source Solar Brokers here to talk about how renewable small scale solar project at 3 Mega Watts or less may be in danger… Solar programs which produce less than 3 megawatts are getting shunted aside by the utilities. Overall the renewable energy market is doing well in California, but of the three […]

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Phone booths get NEW life with solar power!

Greetings!  Sun Source Solar Brokers here to ask when’s the last time you used a phone booth? As beloved as they are, the red telephone booths of England don’t get much usage today, and so they’re being re-purposed: mini libraries, art galleries, bathroom stalls, aquariums, storage, and even the location of the smallest pub on […]

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Solar OUTLOOK for 2014

Sun Source Solar Brokers to discuss First Solar’s vigorous outlook for 2014 The U.S. solar company’s financial guidance predicts net sales to reach $4bn this year as plans are announced to boost rooftop growth.  First Solar expects further financial growth in 2014 as the company expands into new markets and territories.First Solar on Wednesday said […]

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Solar glass COATING for solar windows!

Sun Source Solar Brokers is excited about the solar company, New Energy Technologies, which is proclaiming a breakthrough in their technology for solar windows, and it all comes down to size. At the beginning of New Energy’s endeavors to produce a solar glass coating they had a solution in a vial, before it then became […]

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The Solar broker business MODEL!

A little solar broker rant: Ever wonder about “how” our solar goods and services are sold?  Solar Brokers make their way through the sales pipeline by starting with a “lead”.  That is, a consumer who has a need to for a more efficient way of beating the energy bill, as well as a desire to […]

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Solar cars will one day be SOLAR brokered!

Greetings everyone from SunSource Solar Brokers..  It’s been a grand seven years that we’ve been in the energy consulting business for solar brokering to our buyers in the San Francisco Bay Area region.  Happy anniversary! It’s the future of solar cars. If there’s no such thing as a free lunch, how about a free ride? […]

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Solar PAINT cost and development

Sun Source Solar Brokers here to report on solar paint! Research from the University at Buffalo in New York has come up with an exciting new development concerning the familiar idea of liquid paint solar cells. This development is comprised of this idea of a paintable liquid, but their idea was to include nanoparticles of […]

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Incremental RISE in solar prices 2014

Hello everyone, Sun Source Solar Brokers here with recent data published by important manufacturers for the first quarter express an incremental rise in the price of solar panels over the last several years. This increase in prices is undoubtedly good news for both the manufacturers and investors, who have been hemorrhaging losses after several companies […]

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Solar paved ROADWAYS may power our grid!

Here at Sun Source Solar Brokers we ask:  could a road be used as an energy source? Could things like snowplows be rendered unnecessary? Could an economy based on petroleum convert to one based on renewable energy? This isn’t just the plot of a science fiction movie; these are the beginnings of something that could […]

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