8 Reasons why your solar sales team may find VALUE in a solar broker.
Solar brokers help solar companies find NEW business thorough impartial buyer representation.

8 Reasons why your solar sales team may find VALUE in a solar broker.

Solar brokers work on the premise of utilizing select solar companies to shop [from] on behalf of their buyers.  This service is exceptional because brokers educate potential buyers to solar energy products; advocating, not selling.  We’re “performance based”, which means you only pay a broker compensation fee when you successfully close a sale with a referred client-buyer.  Our solar shoppers like us because we advocate for their interests without representing the solar company; impartially and ethically.

 We Establish the Groundwork for Buyers AND Solar Companies:

  • Get in – Identify the right people in the right places using varietal marketing methods
  • Stay in – Establish memorable and meaningful dialog with our customers
  • Qualify – Ask the right questions and listen to customer needs without “selling”
  • Nurture – Stay engaged with relevant content and timely conversation
  • Patience – See it through until they’re ready to buy… without pressure
  • Optimize – Leverage the value of relationships to deserve more referrals

8 Reasons why your marketing and sales team may find value in a solar broker:
•    Solar brokering costs less than salaried personnel; no base salary, insurance, taxes, vacation, sick leave, supplies, telephone, computer or car allowance.

•    Solar brokering allows you to be more price-competitive.  Because you’ve reduced the “cost of doing business”; now you can pass the savings on to your customer more than if you had to pay a full time “in house” sales and marketing team.

•    Brokering is RISK FREE because you pay nothing unless a sale goes into contract and closes.

•    Solar brokers DO NOT replace your marketing or sales team.  Brokers either enhance the quality of leads sent to your team, or they educate and pre-sell customers who are seriously considering making a purchase.

•    Performance based lead generation means no pay per lead or subscription.  Brokers only earn compensation when your marketing and sales team closes a sale with a broker represented client.   

•    Brokers overcome the obstacle of “selling” or being “sold”; we soften the resistance for your sales people and the customer.  We shorten your sales cycle and increase your customer pipeline.

•    Reduce  out of control “bidding wars” and keep quality for the customer. Brokers limit the bidding to no more than three top tier solar companies. Compete with no more than two peer to peer companies at any one time; you’ll know who they are.   

•    Save time on writing bids and performing site evaluations.  Brokers handle the preliminary stages:  Informal site evaluation, soft estimates.


Article written by Jennifer Coleman of Sun Source Solar Energy Brokers, providing solar broker and energy consulting shopping services in Santa Rosa, Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Solano and San Francisco Counties.

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