Insurance brokers to auto brokers; the BEST deals are found through experts who know the inside track; solar is no different.

Solar Broker Agent for Consumer Advocacy…

Hello, my name is Jennifer Coleman.  In 2007 I began a business to promote an environmental cause that I could feel passionate about every day.  I wanted to identify a need with a  buyer representation and consumer advocacy service… where buyers, retailers, local commerce and the environment would complement one another on multiple levels:Jennifer Coleman

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Cleaner Energy Choices
  • Stimulating Commerce & Job Creation
  • Furthering Consumer Advocacy & Protection
  • Enabling a Sustainable and Local Economy

Brokers join buyers with sellers… Solar brokering is a solar shopping service that achieves value without sacrificing the customer’s pocketbook or the retailers bottom-line.  Sun Source collaborates with the talents of expert solar brokers and independent energy consultants.  Together, we help you make sound decisions about alternative energy investments, combined with worry free and impartial representation.

For more information about the Solar Broker concept, or to learn about Solar Broker pioneer, Andy Black of “On Grid Solar”… click here.



An entrepreneur and a marketer at heart… Like the rest of my family; I’ve been a self-directed, self-starter, self-employed person most of my working life.   My satisfaction lies in being resourceful with information; finding the connections between everyone and everything!  My background is varied, with professional experience in education consulting, conflict resolution, mediation and negotiation, real estate appraisal, residential property management, life insurance, web design, cosmetic medical tattooing, skin esthetician, and even a twelve year vocation as a UPS driver!  Some of my best customer service skills have been acquired from my years at United Parcel Service.  These days, I’m pleased to lend a lifetime of my strongest attributes to my customers.

Speak with me in person or over the phone!  707-888-7046.  Sun Source Solar Brokerage… your discount solar broker and buyer’s agent located in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Marin, Sonoma, Napa Counties and the heart of Santa Rosa.


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