Energy Efficiency
Preserve your capital! Efficiency measures will prevent over-spending on SOLAR equipment.

Sonoma County Energy Efficiency Upgrade-Retrofits…

Sun Source will show you the way to realizing significant energy savings for your business.  Our partnerships with local energy efficiency retrofit-upgrade programs and trade professionals allow us to shop for three bids on your behalf.  RELAX! We save you time, frustration, rebate paperwork, and most of all, money!  View a sampling at PG &E’s rebates and incentives website for businesses.

Does Your Business Need an Energy or Lighting Audit?

  • In-efficient lighting systems and design
  • In-efficient heating and A/C units
  • Windows are drafty or may be inefficient
  • Irregular temperature within the building
  • Floors in offices are too hot or cold
  • Office often seems stuffy or poorly ventilated
  • Too much heat is being lost to the attic in winter
  • Suspect there may be hidden water leaks
  • The attic/crawl space is too hot in summer
  • Sometimes there is moisture on windows or walls
  • Mold, mildew or musty odors sometimes present
  • Indoor air is too dry in winter
  • Hot water usage and costs are too high
  • Some appliances may be using too much energy
  • Building temperature rises uncomfortably before cooling system turns on


YouTube below:  Commercial property tax incentives, tenant retention & short term ROI explained.  Example ONLY. Not a quote.




Receive 3 energy efficiency bids with the convenience of one stop shopping!  707-888-7046. Call for your FREE consultation within San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Solano Counties, and the heart of Santa Rosa.


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