Micro Fuel Cell CHP
With innovative POWER options and space-saving qualities, Micro CHP proves a worthy candidate.

Fuel Cell Consulting 4 San Francisco…

Combined heat and power, aka, CHP micro fuel cells... provide for your electrical, water heating and space heating needs all in one.  Fuel cell systems integrate directly into your existing energy infrastructure… as a hybrid mix with solar, or as a standalone solution where solar is not feasible, such as:  Back to Top

  • Obstructive shading by trees or buildings
  • Foggy or inclement weather
  • Limited ground or roof space
  • Engineering obstacles
  • Where 24/7 energy production is desired

Once limited to large commercial-industrial sectors, today’s  micro fuel cells are now an affordable and advantageous option for small to medium-sized businesses and large residential property owners.  Suitable for indoor-outdoor installationsleek, compact and super efficient; “Micro Combined Heat and Power” fuel cell technology is available in scalable sizes from 5 to 50 kW, and more.

Large scale stationary fuel cells are continuing to show promise… Large commercial-industrial buildings requiring over 200 kW may find fuel cells helpful in supplying pure electric or a combined heat and power, including an  “on site” 24/7 energy solution.


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