Micro Turbine CHP
Turbine engines provide amazing PAYBACK and low price per watt that CFO's will notice!

Energy Consulting 4 Waste Heat Recovery, Cogeneration Turbine Engines in San Francisco…

Micro turbines and reciprocating jet engines, otherwise known as combined heat and power or cogeneration have long been under recognized due to government subsides favoring the sexier PR and marketing persuasion of solar and fuel cell industries.  But don’t let the politics fool you.  When the rebates, cash grants and incentives that artificially prop up solar electric and fuel cell go away; natural gas turbines and other forms of CHP will outperform and financially outpace these competitors.  In many cases they’ve already succeeded! 

  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • CARB Certified Low Emission
  • 24/7 Energy Production and Backup
  • VOC Destruction
  • Multi Fuel Capability
  • Power for Chillers, Boilers, Steam and Refrigeration
  • Water Heating, Space Heating and Cooling

Compact turbine energy can be scaled from the size of a Sub Zero refrigerator to a twenty foot ocean shipping container; from 65 kW to 3 Megawatts. High efficiency energy is supplied from various types of gaseous or liquid fuels, including natural gas, propane, Diesel, Biogas, methane, kerosene, and aviation fuel.

Perfect for:

  • Hotels & Universities
  • Food Processing
  • Wineries & Breweries
  • Hospitals
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Data Centers & Telecom
  • U.S. Government
  • Waste-Water Treatment
  • Landfill Sites



Learn more about Micro Turbine solutions for Commercial-Industrial and Institutional settings! Call now at 707-888-7046.  Reciprocating turbine estimates in Marin County, Sonoma, Napa, Solano, and San Francisco Counties.


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