How community power purchase agreements work: A customer’s FRESH perspective.
Community power purchase agreements are within REACH. Learn how you can start one of your own!

How community power purchase agreements work: A customer’s FRESH perspective.

Hi everyone.  I discovered these YouTube video clips the other night as I was searching for fresh perspectives on Power Purchase Agreements, otherwise known as PPA’s.   I wanted a fresh, (insider) perspective from a customer’s point of view; a personal journey through the PPA and solar purchase process for a community solar project.  My hat goes off to this group for sticking with their intention and pulling this off.  So much so, that I want to display their story here.

I’m fond of this example because I want readers to witness the solar sales process from the customer’s point of view.  Often times I watch video clips of propaganda that extol the virtues of a certain product or service from the retailer point of view, and not from a consumer point of view.  I want my clients to realize the gravity of due diligence, and how there’s no getting around it, especially when considering a MAJOR solar purchase involving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These clips inspire me to the power and influence a community holds when it decides to unite and shop with full participation of its members; a willing and informed voice.  As the dust settled on this transaction, I’d wager that these community leaders knew more about solar and power purchase agreements than some of the companies selling them.  Why?  Because through osmosis they became intimate with the pro’s and con’s of the structure of this agreement; living, breathing, eating and sleeping each phase of the purchase cycle to the end.

Enjoy and learn!  Stay tuned. My next article will cover Power Purchase Agreements.

Summary of the University Park, Maryland Community Solar Power Purchase Agreement.  Example Only.




Article by Jennifer Coleman of Sun Source Solar Brokers, a solar brokerage and energy consulting business serving Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties, including the San Francisco Bay Area.

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