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Solar Broker Definition, Terms and Conditions…

Your privacy SunSource protects the good faith we’ve forged with our clients. We will never share your information with outside sources where you haven’t previously authorized us to do so on your behalf.  Back to Top

Impartiality… Solar brokers and energy consultants may utilize resources when shopping on behalf of each client. However, ethically, neither solar broker nor energy consultant may represent any vendor, contractor, integrator or supplier interest in the outcome of a sale.

Definition and terms of service…SunSource Solar Brokers are a group of independent solar brokers and energy consultants who collaborate on any given project.  Our purpose is threefold; we promote ethical representation and advocacy through outreach and education to our customer base. We stimulate sales and referrals in the interest of advancing solar and other alternative energies. We support our local industry by creating jobs that give back to our community in trade and economics.

Legal disclaimer Sun Source brokers and consultants are autonomous members of Sun Source Solar Brokers. Sun Source does not employ its members, nor are they employees of the affiliate companies whose products or services we exemplify.   Each member independently represents and contracts his services to clients of whom Sun Source has referred.  Each broker or consultant is responsible for implementing his own client contracts, insurance, and legal devices. The actions and functions of each broker or consultant remain distinctly separate from the marketing and referral functions of Sun Source Solar Brokers.  Each broker-consultant agrees to furnish Sun Source with proof of professional qualifications,  legal-contractual devices and insurance before conducting business with any Sun Source referred client.  Sun Source Solar Brokers, as a “marketer”, is a separate function from “brokering” and “consulting”, insofar as, Sun Source Solar Brokers, (the business marketing entity) is not legally or financially liable for verbal, contractual, structural, implied or unintentional inaccuracies or mis-representation(s) surrounding any hypothetical, proposed or real installation of any solar or alternative energy equipment purchase that is represented through any of our independent solar broker or energy consultant members. 

Explanation and definition of how we are paid Our brokers take a share of the commission [split] that is  paid to us by the solar company who closes a solar installation sale with you.   For example, if a sales commission for the winning solar company [sales agent] is 6%, then the solar broker will take 3%, 4% or 5% as compensation for professional broker services, advertising and marketing.   Our compensation share  may change on a higher priced project or calculate as LESS on a lower priced project.  Learn more.

Types of services…

  • PRE-PAID Energy Consulting Services:  A pre-paid contract analysis of your project, which includes deep due diligence to TEST if your project is financially feasible, legally permissible, and maximally productive.  Multiple site evaluations, price estimate, equipment recommendations, system size and other pertinent details are analyzed and complied into a verbal presentation, as well as, a written report. 
  • CREDIT for Paid Energy Consulting Services:  We will credit up to $1,000 of your paid consulting fees if your project is 50 kW or higher, provided that you use our solar broker services to make a solar energy purchase.   Credit does not apply to residential consulting fees.


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