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We save you time and money vs. shopping on your own! Take FIVE easy steps to our LOW FEE broker service. *

Sonoma County’s Solar Quote Comparison…

1. Give us a call… We’ll perform a NO FEE assessment of your situation, answer your questions and explain how our solar broker service can best serve your business or large residential energy needs.  Go ahead… kick some tires!  Back to Top

  • Need a “ball park” estimate?
  • Where is your project located?
  • What size is your project?

2. Meet your Broker… One of our solar brokers will visit your home or business to perform a NO FEE preliminary site evaluation. We’ll provide you with a complimentary system sizing and price quote example to help you understand the economics and financial feasibility of investing in solar photo voltaic, and/or solar thermal technologies.

3. Receive your formal site evaluation… Once you have a clear idea of what to expect, you can choose to sign up for our LOW FEE broker service.  From here we’ll perform a formal site evaluation, measure your roof, its pitch, angle, shading calculations and collect other pertinent data.

4. We’ll prepare and submit your request for proposal to three solar companies. We work from our list of pre-screened, reputable and thoroughly researched solar integrators. When bids are returned we meet with you to perform a side by side analysis… helping you choose the best price, terms and conditions for your situation.

5. Pick your winning bidder… Once you’re confident with your decision,we’ll arrange a meeting with you and the solar company of your choice.  This company will verify and review your project specifications, and equally important, your needs, values and expectations before you choose to buy.  That’s it!  Upon choosing your winning candidate, you’ll enter into a contract to finish the steps toward a fully integrated solar installation.

Our pledge. All-ways on your side… Sun Source Solar Brokers pledge expert and impartial advocacy on your behalf. From beginning to end, we make sure you’re pleased with every aspect of your experience; hassle free!  * Terms Page.


Shopping intelligently is just a phone call away… 707-888-7046.  Get with the BEST solar companies in Santa Rosa,  San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Napa and Solano Counties.  Call Now!

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