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Solar NET METERING. Win or lose for Colorado?

Sun Source Solar Brokers here with an important ruling by the Colorado Public Utilities commission came down Wednesday about solar net metering.  Here’s the pros and cons on both sides of net metering.  We think the market will all-ways have it’s fits and starts, and the momentous net metering turbulence is an exact indication that […]

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Solar brokered VIRTUAL net metering coming soon!

Hi everyone,  Jennifer Coleman here with Sun Source Solar Brokers; helping consumers make informed decisions about solar purchases with the help of a solar brokering agent. Here’s what’s new By the time 2014 rolled around New Hampshire had allowed its residents to gain credit for their utility bills from solar energy, and this was without […]

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Predictions for rooftop solar POWER in 2014.

1. Initiatives towards net metering will be successful in the larger states but unsuccessful in the smaller states. SEIA and Vote Solar have worked tirelessly to make a difference, but ultimately it comes down to those voters that have solar, or want more. Because of this it’s the states with the largest constituency of solar […]

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What is a MICRO INVERTER? Small but powerful.

A microinverter is a miniature inverter (15” x 10” x 1.5” @ approximately 3 lbs.) that takes the output received from the solar panel and converts it into the electricity that you need. A solar panel generates direct current power as it receives rays of sunlight, but the common grid of electricity utilizes alternating current […]

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Why Solar Installation Costs are HIGHER in Germany.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has identified several areas where solar costs could potentially be brought down.   The majority of the costs of solar energy installation go towards expenses, tools, and resources besides the solar panels themselves. 2011 saw solar panel installers for residences pay slightly over $1.80 per war for solar panels in either Germany […]

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Why More Solar Companies Must LITERALLY Fail.

Many solar manufacturing companies, like Suntech are struggling to make the sales and business that they need, but what many don’t know is that hundreds of these companies will have to die for the industry to move forward. New innovations and inventions are required for the solar industry to keep up with the fossil fuel […]

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Solar technology VERSES fossil fuel. Why dinosaurs are still cheaper.

Cheaper power technologies, and technologies that are easier to make, are constantly being sought after by solar manufacturers.  For all the reductions in cost, solar power is still more expensive than fossil fuel. Why This is Important The number of solar panel installations is growing, but because of the excessive supply in relation to meager […]

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Micro turbine NATURAL GAS waste heat recovery… not wind.

If your facility pays 12 cents per kilowatt hour or more, a micro turbine may lower your costs to five, six, seven, or eight cents per kilowatt hour.  And that’s just the beginning. Micro turbines are an excellent augment to existing solar installations where your energy offset is not entirely met, and where solar cannot […]

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Guide to buying solar POWER and choosing an installer.

Guide to buying solar power and choosing an installer Investing in a solar power system is often an exciting time, but it can also be confusing. There are many different factors that buyers need to examine; making a wrong decision can affect the overall performance, longevity and quality of your solar pv system. The solar […]

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How inverter technology LOWERS solar and installation costs.

Inverter technology brings down solar costs Advancement in inverter technology, distributed architecture, is expected to lower the cost of solar installation and maintenance, and with that, solar power will become main-stream in this country, but the speed at which this happens is largely reliant on the economics of the situation. Installation Costs The installation cost […]

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