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Micro turbine NATURAL GAS waste heat recovery… not wind.

If your facility pays 12 cents per kilowatt hour or more, a micro turbine may lower your costs to five, six, seven, or eight cents per kilowatt hour.  And that’s just the beginning. Micro turbines are an excellent augment to existing solar installations where your energy offset is not entirely met, and where solar cannot […]

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Guide to buying solar POWER and choosing an installer.

Guide to buying solar power and choosing an installer Investing in a solar power system is often an exciting time, but it can also be confusing. There are many different factors that buyers need to examine; making a wrong decision can affect the overall performance, longevity and quality of your solar pv system. The solar […]

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How inverter technology LOWERS solar and installation costs.

Inverter technology brings down solar costs Advancement in inverter technology, distributed architecture, is expected to lower the cost of solar installation and maintenance, and with that, solar power will become main-stream in this country, but the speed at which this happens is largely reliant on the economics of the situation. Installation Costs The installation cost […]

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How to PROPERLY use lag screws for solar mounting to rafters.

What’s all the fuss about lag screws? A lot!  The purpose of lag screws is to secure roofing and mounting systems directly onto the structure of the roof.  However, if these screws are not used properly they can damage the building’s structural integrity.  Though the systems are previously engineered, installers do hold a lot of […]

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Solar Broker reviews the pros & cons of ALL in one solar thermal.

Any strategies which reduce installation costs that are implemented by PV installers in the US will get a free boost from the falling price of modules. However there is no such bonus for solar thermal installers, which forces them to count more on selecting specific equipment and other strategies of labor to bring down the […]

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Virtual Metering: A promising forcast for COMMUNITY solar?

Many people would like to enjoy the benefits of solar PV, however, there are some situations that will stop solar integration dead in its tracks.  Obstacles to solar implementation include predominant shading over a building, lack of roof space, improper roof, and lack of landlord cooperation.   For these would-be consumers, virtual metering could be the […]

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Solar MYTHS and misconceptions: A few quick facts.

Solar doesn’t work in darker climates and atmospheres. Fact: Ambient light is perfectly sufficient for solar panels, and they can produce significant amounts of energy on days with poor weather. Solar panels are more effective in these temperatures than in hotter temperatures. This may seem contradictory, take for instance, solar panels in Sacramento, which is […]

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Safe, reliable, code compliant WIRE MANAGEMENT for exposed PV conductors.

There’s a NEW solar panel mounting system on the block, delivering engineered relief to the long bemoaned problem of “wire management” and grounding, as well as other key issues, like ease of installation, installer safety, profit margin, and insurance costs.  www.Concise based in Sonoma County, California has developed a game changing, state of the […]

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A quick read on the Solar PV market pickup FORECAST for 2013

31 GW worth of worldwide photovoltaic installations took place in 2012, despite the fact that prices continued to decline and current supplies remained at over capacity.  It is forecast that growth in Q2 for 2013 will make up for losses in Q4 2012.  Although the prices of photovoltaic modules declined in the fall of 2012, […]

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Poly-silicon OVERSUPPLY: Forcasts for a temporarily weakend solar industry.

Silicon oversupply continues to leave the solar industry in a quicksand glut, driving down the prices of cells and modules, thereby limiting margins and revenue across the globe. This, along with a combination of increasing module inventory and decreasing demand is threatening the financial stability and viability of some companies within the industry. The problem […]

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