Overcoming three most common OBJECTIONS to solar energy investments…
What reasons do you have for OBJECTING to solar for your home or business? Let's dispel some of the myths.

Overcoming three most common OBJECTIONS to solar energy investments…

In any type of sales situation, whether we are shopping on our own or seeking the advice of a sales professional; the BIGGEST hurdle we must overcome is our fear to what we don’t yet understand. Recognizing our hesitation is easy, but overcoming it arrives in the form of an awakening; the moment we realize that we actually WANT to buy a product or service with all of our heart and soul.

Solar objection number one:  “We don’t have the cash out of pocket to purchase solar or can’t afford the monthly payment”.

Response Positive: Can you afford not to?  These days the solar lease makes it virtually a slam dunk to get into solar power without any cash up front.  What’s your monthly utility bill?  If it’s $200, $300, $400, or up, then that IS your monthly payment.  So why not put it toward a solar equipment investment that you will eventually OWN, rather then continue to pay your utility company for energy you will never own?

Response Negative: The only way solar would not be a wise investment is if you own a commercial rental building with no guarantee of a long term tenant, in which case, you would NOT want to consider solar as an investment if you have no tenant to pay you rent or for the electricity you sell back to them. In this case, I agree; don’t get stuck holding the bag on solar equipment that no one is using.  And since selling electricity back to the ulity company has not reached a favorable way to earn money for feeding electricity back into the grid; that’s not a feasible idea either… at least not in the near future. But this may be changing, where just as the Europeans have generous “Feed in Tariffs”, we too, may get to enjoy a less bountiful version of this.

Solar objection number two:  “Solar prices per panel or per watt are still too high; we want to wait until prices come down”.

Response Positive:  Now more than ever, solar panel prices have come down with great rapidity than in all years preceding.  A few years ago I would have agreed, but many solar analysts predict that within the next two years, the largely talked about term called, “grid parity”, will mean that the price you pay for your solar energy will be equal to the price you pay for electricity from the grid.  That’s because solar is selling!  Gone are the days of scientifically proving solar’s efficacy; we know it works.  So this leaves a huge amount of money spent for research and development of cheaper and more efficient solar panels.  That, and the state and federal subsidies have ratcheted down the cost of solar even more.  Sure, you could wait, but it’s all relevant in a world where you may be paying the same price for a solar panel by waiting until AFTER the state and federal rebates and incentives have dried up.

Response Negative: I would not encourage a buyer to purchase solar energy if they could not realize favorable return on investment within a reasonable payback period.  Bottom line is to ask yourself what other reasons are you interested in solar energy?  Sometimes there are other valuable considerations other than cost.  If you’re not the early adopter type; if you’re not a “greenie”; if you’re not doing it to be politically correct with your storefront and customers, then wait a little while longer until you feel confident you can brag about the price you paid for waiting. Hmmm.

Solar objection number three:  “Our roof structure cannot handle the heavy weight of the solar panels being installed on top of it”.

Response positive: Not so fast.  The facts are that most solar panels weigh about three pounds per square foot; much less that than the weight of 170 pound man walking directly on your roof.  These days, solar panels are being constructed with lighter weight material in response to helping rooftops become “solar ready”, and without triggering any costly structural code retrofit compliance issues for the buyer. What’s far more of concern?   Solar engineers want to make sure that the solar panels “wind lift” is reduced while attached to the roof.

Response negative: I would not encourage a buyer to place solar panels onto his roof if he had a weak or worn out roof that would require costly retrofit remediation or roof replacement in excess of the financial benefit of placing solar panels onto his roof.  This is just good old fashioned “return on investment” and payback calculation and analysis. Instead, I would look to a ground mount installation as an alternative, or, light weight “thin film” PV rooftop installation, but only as a last resort due to its lower efficiency rating.

What other objections do you have?  Let me know and I’ll respond right here!


Article by Jennifer Coleman, Owner of Sun Source Solar Energy Brokers, located in Sonoma County, California.



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