English PHONE booths pack solar charge for mobile devices.

Phone booths get NEW life with solar power!

Greetings!  Sun Source Solar Brokers here to ask when’s the last time you used a phone booth?

As beloved as they are, the red telephone booths of England don’t get much usage today, and so they’re being re-purposed: mini libraries, art galleries, bathroom stalls, aquariums, storage, and even the location of the smallest pub on earth. Now they’re being re-purposed in a different way, and in a way that still incorporates phones.

Two English entrepreneurs are taking old red telephone booths and turning them into charging docks for mobile devices. The first example of this was revealed in London just this week, and there are plans for five more in the city.
The booths are now green and they’re called Solarboxes, and they can charge as many as 100 phones or tablets per day, say the founders. It’s a free service: the power is generated from a large solar panel on the roof of the booth, and advertising covers other expenditures.

The powers behind this initiative are Kirsty Kenney and Harold Cranston, both geography graduates at the London School of Economics. The project was started with a 5,000 pound (8 thousand dollar) prize they won in a Low Carbon Entrepreneur competition, which was supported by Boris Johnson, London’s mayor.  “My flat was near a phone box during my second year at London, so I saw it every day” says Mr. Craston in a BBC interview, “I though to myself, well there are thousands and thousands of these not being used around the city, why not put them to use?”

The mayor instantly supported the idea “With all the gadgets and gizmos that every Londoner has these days, it’s only time that we take our legendary red boxes and find a way to make them more useful” said Mr. Johnson.

These new phone charging stations provide people with a way to alleviate their “charging anxiety”, that familiar anxious feeling that Britons often speak about when their phones and tablets are dying and there is no charger nearby, says Mophie, a smartphone case maker.

But will the efficacy of solar power be minimized with the famously poor English weather. Don’t worry, say the inventors, the booths are equipped with a storage battery that will keep in functioning in rain or snow.


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