Innovation in solar panel wire management DELIVERS safety!

Safe, reliable, code compliant WIRE MANAGEMENT for exposed PV conductors.

There’s a NEW solar panel mounting system on the block, delivering engineered relief to the long bemoaned problem of “wire management” and grounding, as well as other key issues, like ease of installation, installer safety, profit margin, and insurance costs.  

www.Concise based in Sonoma County, California has developed a game changing, state of the art patented solar mounting system for residential application, which innovatively and affordably resolves all of the above mentioned obstacles at once. Interestingly, I recently read an article on the topic of “wire management” in the January, 2013 issue of SolarPro Magazine.  So, this blog article is of timely coincidence, which helps uphold the need for better wire management solutions.

Concise Designs, Incorporated has engineered a unique UL Certified solar mounting product, which utilizes a “place and lock” patented installation device, as well as, a “self-grounding pivot mount” for:

•    Ease of solar panel access for safer hands-free work while on the roof.
•    Cost saving advantage, for on the ground pre-assembly of hardware to solar panels.
•    Full floating stand-off, with vertical capture and horizontal float to prevent deflection of
stand-off and subsequent leaks.

•    Integrated grounding means SAFETY and continuous grounding during maintenance.

Here’s my impression, and why Sun Source Solar Energy Brokers will be recommending Concise Designs product to all of our residential solar installers.   You can read more about the revolutionary features of this product by visiting

•    Up to a 30% labor savings on most solar panel residential installations, due to the fact that most of the labor installation takes place on the ground, not on the roof; saving time and money on labor rate.

•    Ease of installation requires only one man on the roof, and one on the ground, thus reducing job hazard on the roof, as well as workers compensation injury claims.  Workers’ Compensation may even give a break to solar integrators on their insurance premiums [if] insurers believe the installer qualifies in a category of less risk.

•    The design of the “place and mount” rack mount allows for one worker on the roof.  This is highly convenient since the solar panel is held up by the solar mount support latch, much like a car engine hood is held up by a support brace.

•    The “self-grounding pivot mount” resolves one of the major safety concerns with electrocution, by offering continuous grounding during installation and maintenance.

•    For safety and aesthetics, the Concise Design solar panel hardware system allows for concealment of grounding wires, which prevents stray wires from becoming an attraction to fire hazardous leaf collection, rodent damage, and corrosion from harsh elements.

•    UL certified and made in the USA; concise Designs keeps jobs and manufacturing at a local level in Northern California.

As SolarPro Magazine quotes:  

“Implementing a safe, reliable and code compliant wire management system for exposed PV conductors is not an easy task”.  

“While the challenges related to code-compliant site management methods, materials and products are numerous; equipment manufacturers have slowly been developing solutions for these issues”.


Article written by Jennifer Coleman of Sun Source Solar Energy Brokers, providing solar brokering, brokerage, and solar energy consulting services in Santa Rosa, Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Solano and San Francisco Counties.  For more information, please visit

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