Spray on solar WINDOW coating; a new view.

Solar glass COATING for solar windows!

Sun Source Solar Brokers is excited about the solar company, New Energy Technologies, which is proclaiming a breakthrough in their technology for solar windows, and it all comes down to size. At the beginning of New Energy’s endeavors to produce a solar glass coating they had a solution in a vial, before it then became a tiny square. This new breakthrough, the SolarWindow by New Energy, is 232 square centimeters.

Size, however, isn’t the only aspect of the solar window that makes it desirable, there’s also how uniformly distributed the tint is, which is another accomplishment for the SolarWindow, providing a pleasing tint color.  New Energy Technologies made a name for itself when it developed a spray on solar cell, each cell less than a quarter the size of a single grain of rice. This film could produce electricity for fluorescent bulbs and various kinds of indoor lighting.

In 2011, this spray on solar cell caught the eye of the Energy Department, and then struck a deal with the NREL, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, to bring together lab work along with a commercial intention.  One of the biggest difficulties was the improve the number of functioning solar cells in the substrate, make the windows larger, bring down the cost, and find more materials with superior durability.

The last time that New Energy Technologies made a splash was last year when they and NREL struck a further deal to develop see through solar cell coating that could be put on various surfaces, both malleable and solid. Building Integrated Solar Power.  This new breakthrough in the development of solar windows is especially important when it comes to solar power being integrated into buildings.

The new SolarWindow is over 35 percent bigger than the previous incarnation, which was 170cm, keeping in mind the commercial skyscraper market. Due to the SolarWindow’s capacity to produce energy from anything from artificial light to diffused and shaded sunlight, these windows can be used facing any direction. That’s important considering the allowance it gives to constructions chains to simplify processes and get mor energy potential from any particular surface. Getting the most energy out of a potential location is important for solar, especially when it compares to central power plants, which are often centered on infrastructure. Together with energy storage technology, solar being integrated into buildings brings urban areas a way to bring down the cost of energy, along with ulterior sources of energy in case of grid outages or disruptions.

Also, New Energy says that SolarWindow is ideal for cost-effective manufacturing, due to its role as a spray on solution. This is critical considering that the rate of solar conversion is only a single part of the process which runs up costs. The cost of manufacturing, shipping, and installing these units is also very important.


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