The importance of RE-SHOPPING an old solar quote; prices have dropped for better ROI.
If you've been disappointed in your SOLAR QUOTES from days gone past. Think again; the market is constantly changing.

The importance of RE-SHOPPING an old solar quote; prices have dropped for better ROI.

I often hear potential buyers tell me that solar just doesn’t feed their return on investment needs, and that they’d rather wait for the price of solar panels to come down, or for better technology to come to the fore.  But when I ask them “when” is the last time they shopped for three solar quotes, they tell me “oh, that was back in 2008”.   And I think to myself… 2008!?  That’s ancient history in the solar world.

Here’s My Advice:

Folks, I can’t encourage you enough to take a second and a third look at re-shopping for solar. This means OFTEN. If for some reason you’re not happy with the three solar quotes you received back in 2008, well then it’s time to get cracking on gathering bids once more.   The solar industry is changing with rapid advancements in lighter weight materials and incredibly efficient energy production ratings.  Don’t throw in the towel on the past, because TODAY is what counts.  If you want the best proof, then hold on to those OLD crinkled solar estimates and compare them to the NEW estimates you receive.    I promise you’ll be in shock and awe at the renewed enthusiasm you’ll feel when you realize that your ROI and payback period is much closer than you could have imagined; the comparison is right there before you.

In fact, most of the follow up calls that I make to the “failed sales” that my other colleagues have let go stale, are indeed just a few cardiac compressions away from reviving to a fully equipped solar installation.  AND, these customers are thanking me for the wake up call.

Find a Trusted Energy Consultant: When you re-visit your shopping experience make sure to have your quotes reviewed by a reputable energy consultant.  It’s well worth the hourly rate of $100 to $160.   If you’re a commercial business owner, then all the more reason to hire an energy consultant to review your price quotes, if anything, to reassure you that your solar energy investment is worth the price… and that the payback is numerically logical before emotional.


Article by Jennifer Coleman of Sun Source Solar Brokers, a solar brokerage and energy consulting business serving Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties, including the San Francisco Bay Area.


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