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A little solar broker rant:

Ever wonder about “how” our solar goods and services are sold?  Solar Brokers make their way through the sales pipeline by starting with a “lead”.  That is, a consumer who has a need to for a more efficient way of beating the energy bill, as well as a desire to make a purchase to procure that energy source.

For more than half a century we’ve relied upon a monopolized resource to supply our energy to our homes and business.  And that’s not such a bad thing, were it not for the structure, as in, the cultural  ways we’ve become accustomed to acquiring energy via baby bottle from which we have a difficult time weaning, and who would blame us, right?  Not much to choose from. The BIG energy companies don’t want us to leave the nest.

We all know that we need the existing infrastructure to stay in tact in order to deliver the energy we need supplied by the “grid”.  However, with the changing technology comes the changing monopoly.  Hence, PG & E and all energy suppliers around the United states, and the world have been forced to re-think and adapt to “how” the consumer prefers to have their energy delivered to their homes and businesses… and not how the big energy conglomerates like to deliver the take it, and take it and take it… and, by the way, you can’t leave it or you’ll freeze or bake to death attitude.

Folks, please find your energy path, no matter what path that may be, but simply take it and run and do your part to reduce the stressors on our environment.  Even if you think solar is not the way to go… then find your path, but keep it clean, clean, clean.  And remember, Rome was not built in a day.  ALL technologies, be it solar or coal fired plants, hydro, natural gas… all are fraught with their drawbacks and accolades; none will be perfect and some will be celebrated or over-hyped.  These are baby steps to a better way, not necessarily a 100% environmentally correct way, at least in the beginning.  These things take time, as in decades and centuries.

Solar brokers are the energy consultants who help you find your way to that solar brick road.  No matter if you’re a DIY’er or a “I need HELP”!, make sure you do your part to partake in the change for a better environment.  Do your research, and don’t just rely on the answers spoon fed to you.  Hire reputable professionals and ask  questions.


Article written by Jennifer Coleman of Sun Source Solar Energy Brokers, providing solar brokering, brokerage, and solar energy consulting services in Santa Rosa, Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Solano and San Francisco Counties. For more information, please visit

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