Why solar broker LEAD GENERATION works to benefit solar companies and buyers…
Reducing costs for acquiring NEW business never goes out of style. How a broker saves money for customer and retailer.

Why solar broker LEAD GENERATION works to benefit solar companies and buyers…

Solar brokers lend valuable outsourced marketing expertise to the solar industry.  This service is noteworthy because brokers are OUT THERE educating potential buyers to solar energy products and services as advocates and NOT sales personnel.   In any economy, solar brokers are the backbone of solar lead generation and stimulating the economy; locating new business; introducing buyers to sellers in an efficient, cost saving and ethical manner.  This article discusses how solar brokering is of benefit to BOTH the buyer and the solar company.

Solar brokers establish the groundwork:

•    Locate – Identify the right buyers in the right places using varietal marketing methods
•    Sincerity – Establish memorable and meaningful dialog with prospective buyers
•    Qualify – Ask the right questions and listen to buyer needs without “selling”
•    Nurture – Stay engaged with relevant content and timely conversation
•    Patience – See it through until the buyer is ready… consultative, without pressure
•    Earning It – Build trustworthy relationships to deserve more referrals

8 Reasons why solar brokering works:

  • Solar brokers cost less than salaried “in house” marketing or sales personnel; no base salary, insurance, taxes, vacation, sick leave, supplies, telephone, computer or car allowance; brokers are independent, freelance agents.
  • Brokering allows a solar company to be more price-competitive.  Since solar brokers reduce the “cost of doing business”; a solar company can pass the savings on to their customer.
  • LESS RISK: because the solar company pays nothing unless a sale goes into contract and closes; they never pay for a lost opportunity, and neither does the buyer.
  • Solar brokers DO NOT replace a solar marketing or sales team.  Brokers nurture and pre-educate customers who are seriously considering making a solar purchase.
  • Brokers overcome the obstacle of “selling” or being “sold”; they act as a liaison or buffer between the solar company and the customer.
  • Brokers shorten the sales cycle and increase customer interest, and are ALL-ways transparent with prospective customers in how the transaction unfolds.
  • Solar brokers eliminate bidding wars and “bottom feeders”, as in, companies of poor quality, who may use sub-standard materials in order to win the bid.
  • Brokers save solar companies time on performing site evaluations by handling the preliminary stages:   Informal site evaluation, sample estimates, and request for proposal; this translates to a reduced cost of doing business and better price for the buyer.

Solar brokering is an old business model with a NEW TWIST.  In today’s economy, delivering inventive ways to reach a customer base is vital to the survival of any company trying to compete for new business.  The broker model is enduring because it provides a “customer centric” mode of developing new business that democratically speaks to BOTH the consumer and the retailer in a way that’s a WIN for all; exact, expeditious, ethical, time saving, cost saving, and impartial.

Article written by Jennifer Coleman, Owner of Sun Source Solar Brokers, serving Marin, Sonoma, Napa and San Francisco Counties in Solar Lead Generation and Solar Referral Marketing.

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