When you have NO BUSINESS making a solar energy investment…
Are you a GOOD CANDIDATE for purchasing solar? Emotional indicators that you are NOT ready to buy.

When you have NO BUSINESS making a solar energy investment…

Making a solar energy purchase could be one of the largest financial investments you make second to buying a home, or even a greater monetary outlay than your home.   It’s here that you are trading one asset for another; cash in exchange for on-site energy creation that you will eventually own outright.  But with this rationale also comes a tremendous amount of trepidation over what you’re about to climb into; is it a good investment, will it cash flow, what’s the return on investment and the payback period?

This article doesn’t go into the accounting analysis of buying solar, but instead, touches upon whether or not you’re  emotionally prepared to let your golden solar hair down.  These are the reasons we talk ourselves out of buying alternative energy… EXCELLENT indicators that we are simply NOT ready to take on the commitment.  This is great news!  It’s your better half speaking to you.   The worst thing a consumer can experience is “buyer’s remorse”; that icky, sinking feeling in the pit of our stomachs signaling that we just made a purchase against our better inner emotional judgement.  In fact, most purchases are made on emotion and then back-filled with logic to rationalize our reasons for the decisions we make.   Bottom line:  I want my clients to feel exuberant about their solar purchase… where the decision to buy-in  feels intuitively correct because emotion AND logic have found true matrimony.

So what keeps you from becoming energy independent?  Here are some great indicators that you are NOT ready to make that purchase:

You think your friends, family, or colleagues are the pros:

We trust our friends far more than we trust the experts, because the experts are strangers to us. How many times have you overheard or participated in a discussion with other people about the merits and demerits of “going solar”?  It’s like a Wimbledon tennis match of back and forth’s.  So unless you’ve been referred to a solar installer by another friend, or really impressed by witnessing the rewards of going solar from someone else’s experience, chances are you need to be the one to decide to call on the solar company rather than the solar company calling on you.

You don’t trust your own motivations:

You may choose to make a solar investment for all the right reasons, which may include environmental, financial, politically correct, or positive publicity.  However, if you don’t FEEL it in your bones, there’s no way you can back-fill your decision with any amount of logic unless you reach this epiphany.  The best bet here is to read up on solar investing before you attempt to shop for it.  Otherwise, you’ll end up in a world of fear and frustration that no expert can talk you down from.  Being a good and responsible consumer means “showing up” for class.

You don’t trust the industry:

Negative news or other people’s bad experience may have colored your perception of the solar industry.  Once again, education is key to making sure you’re ready to buy-in.  It’s here that a good local solar energy consultant can help you separate the fact from fiction.  It’s well worth $80-$150 an hour fee you may pay for a one hour introduction into the economics and feasibility of solar as an investment.

You think you can get it cheaper elsewhere:

You think you can outpace the price you were quoted and get the job done for a lot less than the previous quote, and this may be true.  However, just remember that you get what you pay for.  A cheaper price my mean you’re paying for the “discount brain surgeon”; lesser quality materials, wiring, inverters, and panels to name a few.  Make sure you know what you’re paying for.  Is your solar installer local where your dollars are being infused back into the community, or are they out of state? Is your solar installer a long time specialist in solar or are they a roofer or electrician making a fresh foray into solar?  I’m not discounting their aptitude to understand solar, but how many installations do they have under their belt?  What are their warranty policies, their references?

In closing:

More often than not, I spend my time talking people out of solar then into it.  It simply doesn’t do them a bit of good to spend all that time and emotional energy going through the moves to get nowhere, and frankly, it doesn’t serve me well either.  It’s my job to pre-qualify good candidates that are ready and willing for all the right reasons; those who WANT me to help them to help themselves.


Article written by Jennifer Coleman, Owner of Sun Source Solar Brokers,  serving  San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Napa and Solano Counties  in solar buyer agent-advocacy and solar business development.

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